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I am George Pierce. I am excited that you are here!

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Fast Food OPTIONS!

Would you like to know what others won't tell?


almost No One knows!

We are the brunt of a world-wide weigh loss joke!

Weight loss is broken and it is broken on purpose.

The solutions that we are taught is allopathic. We are shown how to fix the symptoms (temporarily), but not the cause.


What popular diet product is banned, illegal and fraudulent?


Blunt but TRUE!


The nasty truth!

Two reasons prompted our getting into the weight loss arena.


#2: ESSENTIAL INFORMATION THAT IS MISSING (the root of weight loss failure!)

It is no secret that obesity is a world wide pandemic. It is estimated that the weight loss industry is over $20 billion!

So let's begin by talking about the GARBAGE!


  • Which is better?  Sugar or Artificial Sweeteners?

    Which is better? Sugar or Artificial Sweeteners?

  • Now is always a good time!

    Now is always a good time!

    Tomorrow, NO!


  • Share Your Story!

    Share Your Story!


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  • What is the #1 Diet?

    What is the #1 Diet?

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  • The Truth About Fats

    The Truth About Fats

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  • Stop The Yo Yo Effect!

    Stop The Yo Yo Effect!

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  • Love Potatoes?

    Love Potatoes?

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    Dance Party!

  • Freeze Away Fat?

    Freeze Away Fat?

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Are you going about it all wrong?

Most of our visitors are looking for something to help them to lose weight. Does this apply to your situation? You probably do not know exactly what that "Something" is, but you hope that you will recognize it when you find it.

Guess WHAT!  You are probably NOT going to find it!

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Conestoga Valley HS Diet Project
Conestoga Valley HS Diet Project
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Take this quick weight loss test!

True or False?

  1. Being overweight is not your fault...you can blame obesity on heredity.
  2. Overweight people are happier.
  3. Thin people who eat everything they want and sometimes in quantity have a high metabolism.
  4. Some low fat or reduced fat or half the fat foods are loaded with sugar.
  5. Some low carb foods are loaded with sugar.
  6. Some low carb foods are high in fat.
  7. Losing weight in a group or with a partner gives you a better chance of success.


1.True, 2. False, 3. True, 4. False, 5. True, 6. True, 7. True

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