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I am George Pierce. I am excited that you are here!

Welcome to the most UNIQUE weight loss site on the net.

What makes WLDW unique?

#1: You can count on my straight forward reviews and unbiased help.

#2: Your goal and our goal is the same, which is to see that you lose weight and that you keep it off.

#3: I will share some of the secrets that other weight loss site and weight loss programs do not tell you. Secrets that work and will work for you!

Much success,

George Pierce

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Help is what you will find at WLDW!

You can use our site in a number of ways. Most people that want to lose weight will focus on research before making a decision. My goal is to provide you with the information that you are looking for. Information that you can rely on.

Here is just a sample of What will you find at wldw?

Freeze Away Fat!??

This Diet KILLS! Literally!

We Give #2 US. Diet Thumbs Down!

Top 5 Weight Loss Apps!

Top Weight Loss Product Exposed!

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I encourage to browse WLDW, you will be pleased at what you find.

Bookmark us if want you to make our site, your site.

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George Pierce

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Which Diets are Good? Which Ones KILL?

What popular diet product is banned, illegal and fraudulent?

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Good diets! bad diets!

Most diets are just OK. A few are good, some are bad, and a few can be fatal.

Some diets actually kill!

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The problem that you face with trying to lose weight is compounded with the fact that many weight loss sites, plans, programs, and products are more interested in helping you lose your money rather than your weight.

My goal at WLDW is the same as yours...to help you finally learn how to lose weight and how to keep that weight off. I am one of the lucky 3%ers that have succeeded at weight loss (for over 20 years), and I want to share my knowledge with you.

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Disclosure is one of the middle names of our site, and disclosure is what you can look forward to. I point out the good and the bad, so that you can make the best decision.

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Weight Loss is Broken! WLDW can help you fix it.


With a gazillion weight loss alternatives at our fingertips, none of us should have a weight loss problem. I am beginnig to believe that weight loss is broken and that it is broken on purpose.


The truth!


It is no secret that obesity is a world wide pandemic. It is estimated that the weight loss industry is over $20 billion!

So let's begin by talking about the GARBAGE!



I am required to tell you to see your doctor before you begin any kind of weight loss regimen or use any kind of weight loss product.

On the other hand, I want you to remind you that many solutions that your doctor may recommend will be allopathic. This means that they will treat the symptoms, but not the cause. Allopathic medicine keeps you as an ongoing patient.

I also want to remind that there is a CURE.

Becoming a free member of WLDW will provide you with the help that you need to finally succeed once and for all.

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  • Which is better?  Sugar or Artificial Sweeteners?

    Which is better? Sugar or Artificial Sweeteners?

  • Now is always a good time!

    Now is always a good time!

    Tomorrow, NO!


  • Share Your Story!

    Share Your Story!


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  • What is the #1 Diet?

    What is the #1 Diet?

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  • The Truth About Fats

    The Truth About Fats

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  • Stop The Yo Yo Effect!

    Stop The Yo Yo Effect!

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  • Love Potatoes?

    Love Potatoes?

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  • Freeze Away Fat?

    Freeze Away Fat?

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Are you going about it all wrong?

Most of our visitors are looking for something to help them to lose weight. Does this apply to your situation? You probably do not know exactly what that "Something" is, but you hope that you will recognize it when you find it.

Guess WHAT!  You are probably NOT going to find it!

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Conestoga Valley HS Diet Project
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  1. Being overweight is not your fault...you can blame obesity on heredity.
  2. Overweight people are happier.
  3. Thin people who eat everything they want and sometimes in quantity have a high metabolism.
  4. Some low fat or reduced fat or half the fat foods are loaded with sugar.
  5. Some low carb foods are loaded with sugar.
  6. Some low carb foods are high in fat.
  7. Losing weight in a group or with a partner gives you a better chance of success.


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